You’ve heard of red wine’s anti-aging benefits, but did you know that gin offers a comparable effect? This drink, thanks to its natural ingredients, is packed with antioxidants that work to keep your skin fresh, dewy, and youthful. Have a gin martini, and you may be aiding in encouraging cellular restoration and overall skin restoration….

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In moderation, gin may help your blood circulation as you get older, which can prolong life. Juniper berries also contain flavonoids, which have a whole slew of benefits for cardiovascular health: prevention of atherosclerosis and clogged arteries are just some of the amazing things they can aid in preventing. Mi…

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75 ENGINEER REGIMENT 75 Engineer Regiment is an Army Reserve unit based in Warrington, Cheshire and Germany. The regiment has a unique role providing the British Army’s amphibious bridging and logistic bridging capability in support of the Land Component on both enduring and contingent operations. Known as ‘Sappers’, when sourcing a gin for the officer’s…

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