Those Stunning Summer Cocktails Just Waiting for You

Summer Cocktails

A hot and sunny day here. A rainy day there. The UK has differing qualities of how much you can enjoy the English summer. No matter the weather, you can still enjoy the best of British with some stunning summer cocktails from our tasty Hunter’s cheshire Gin. Once you have a few bottles on order, you are on your way to enjoying a bevvy of fabulous cocktail options to transform those long, hot, lazy evenings into the coolest party.

Here are a few ideas to get your evenings started.

Limoncello Gin Fizz

This is an interesting spin on a long-loved gin cocktail, incorporating lime juice, sweet limoncello, and a smattering of mint or thyme.

All you need is 45ml of Hunter’s Gin, 15ml limoncello, and 15ml of freshly squeezed lime or lemon juice, with an added dash of syrup. Garnish it with 2 fresh mint or thyme springs and top this beauty with sparkling water. Stir to combine then strain into a glass over ice.

Those hot summer evenings have become more bearable with this cooling tipple.

Blueberry Gin Mojito

Here is a fruity combination of a popular cocktail that looks and tastes spectacular. If you have never liked crushed blueberries, this is the perfect way to reintroduce yourself to their fruity pleasures.

Crush up 15 blueberries (and any leftovers can easily act as garnish) and a few mints leaves into the bottom of your glass. Pour 40ml of Hunter’s Gin and add 30ml of simple syrup and 30ml of freshly squeezed lime juice. Top it up with some soda water and stir well for an impressive-looking cocktail that tastes even better than you think.

Summer Berry Highball

When that heatwave hits and you get all hot and bothered, there is only one Hunter’s Gin cocktail recipe solution – the Summer Berry Highball cocktail. This gives you ample opportunity to use all those in-season fresh raspberries and strawberries growing in your garden if you have them.

Take one large strawberry and three raspberries into a shaker and muddle them. Add 50ml of Hunter’s Gin, with 15ml of elderflower syrup, 15ml of lime juice, 45ml of apple juice, and 50ml of soda water. Chuck in some fresh mint to garnish and strain into a highball glass for the ultimate fruit flavours for the summer.

The floral notes of the elderflower syrup and apple juice make this hard to beat.

What more could you ask for from your summer flavours than these great cocktails mixed with Hunter’s congleton Gin? Place your orders in our Hunter’s Gin online store to make the most of the summer no matter the weather.