Bring On Those Summer Cocktails!

Summer Cocktails

A cheeky afternoon sip. A long, hot, lazy evening of refreshment or entertaining family or friends, those longer summer days will present you with plenty of opportunities to break open a bottle of Hunter’s Gin for some tasty summer cocktails.

The best part is that they can be put together at home within minutes and taste fabulous, even if the weather is scorching or you get the odd summer shower. Instead of this being where the summer begins – let’s make the summer be gin.

Go Mojito

A much-loved summer sip, a mojito is perfect for those evenings where a little fruity flavour wouldn’t go a miss.

It looks good and tastes even better. Drop in some crushed blueberries (frozen or fresh) to give it extra fruitiness and colour, making it sweet and simple with added syrup, lemon juice, and mint. This fruity upgrade is a perfect mix for your Hunter’s Gin, making those evenings refreshed with a classic cocktail.

Peach Gin Iced Tea

Long evenings and iced tea are a perfect partner, and it is so easy to make as much as it is easy to drink.

Mixing your Hunter’s Gin, syrup, and luscious lemonade, garnishing with some peach slices (or orange works just as well) and you have a dreamy cocktail that feels like a guilty pleasure – possibly because it is. We recommend a lime slice if you love to layer the citrus to your drink.

If You Like Gin-a-colada

How about a bit of experimentation with your cocktail by substituting rum with your Hunter’s Gin – for a very popular and incredibly tasting cocktail?

Mixing citrus and tasty Stockport gin with the powerful, fruity punch of pineapple juice and cocktail syrup delivers quite a sweet and creamy tropical touch and one that makes the summer all that more glorious for it. Don’t be afraid to mix up your summer by trying something daring and new.

Holy Daiquiri!

Those summer berries are fresh for picking into your next favourite cocktail mix, or you can simply throw in some frozen strawberries instead.

With the heat rising in the season, this tasty frozen cocktail treat tosses out the original daiquiri recipe to feature Hunter’s Gin instead. Fancy a strawberry-filled, gin-tastic cocktail for your evening, providing a tasty slushie-style tipple? Then the frozen strawberry daiquiri is top of the summer fruits list.

Let the sunshine in with Hunter’s congleton gin this summer, trying something new with each pour. To stock up on your favourite gin for your Summer Cocktails, visit our Hunter’s Gin online store today.