More Than One Way to Enjoy a Martini!

traditional Martini

Like you, we love a fine-tasting Martini mixed with tasty Hunter’s Gin. Pour that mix into a traditional Martini glass for the prerequisite tipple before a meal or party provider.

But do you realize there is more than one way to enjoy a Martini mix? Many subtle variations of this classic cocktail exist to pour your Hunter’s Gin into. A dry martini, a dirty martini, and different styles to discover whether fresh to the tipple or dabble a lot.

So allow our gin-loving team at Hunter’s Gin Cocktails to provide you with a few marvellous martini options for your next cocktail-mixing occasion.

Take It Dry or Make It Wet

The most recognizable and the coolest of the martini family, this little number comes with very little vermouth poured in, making Hunters Gin the focus. The typical ratio for a dry martini is 6 parts Hunter’s, 1 part vermouth. However, you could go extra dry with just a slight splash of vermouth – either is a treat.

You can’t get dry if you have never gotten wet. The opposite of the tasty dry concoction is a simple Wet Martini, made with a higher percentage of vermouth at a ratio of 3 parts gin and 1 part vermouth. It’s just as tantalizing as the dry cousin and a great starter for the evening.

Perfect In Name and Delivery

Have you tried a Perfect Martini yet? It doesn’t mean that it is better than any other variation or has anything that makes it stand out further.

A Perfect Martini gets its name from being made from 1 part dry vermouth and 1 part sweet vermouth – creating the perfect balance of taste. Don’t believe us? Try it as your next evening sip and tell us we are wrong.

Let’s Get Down and Dirty or Take a Straight

Who can resist a dose of savoury? We can’t, which is why we love the Dirty Martini and its saltyness. A Dirty Martini brings olives to the mix through the brine, complete with an olive garnish.

Mix equal parts vermouth and olive juice, but don’t be afraid to go the way of extra dirty or filthy if you like that additional brine in the mix. Straight Up is an overwhelming preference for Martinis, preparing it with ice and strained into a chilled glass.

As well as these variations, you can go stirred, thrown, burnt, or shaken, Mr. Bond! The Martini mixed with Hunter’s cheshire Gin offers plenty of scope for experimentation. So, without further ado, why not place your orders of Hunter’s Gin today and make your next cocktail session a real adventure in taste?

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