BeGINning the Night With Some Fancy Cocktails

gin cocktails

As you may have noticed, we highlighted the word ‘gin’ in the word beginning, and that’s because there is no better way to highlight a great beginning to an evening than diving into some fabulous gin cocktails!

Okay, it may seem corny, but can you blame us? We love gin as much as you do! With so many great concoctions to try that make the taste of Hunter’s Gin even more incredible, we just had to pull a few recipes for you to try on your next evening of fun.

We hope you enjoy these Hunter’s Gin classic cocktail mixes.


Yes, we must start with the classic Martini, the delicious savoury dream for any evening. We love its sharpness, its sophistication – but most of all, the incredible taste it brings.

It could be the perfect gin lover drink, and pairing it with Hunter’s Gin gives it its original flavour that pairs perfectly with the Vermouth within your Martini. Best of all, it’s easy to make with minimal effort for a drink that tastes so great.


The Bramble is a thing of beauty and perfect for those fun cocktail evenings with your equally gin-loving friends.

It also is pretty easy to realize, throwing in a few juicy blackberries to give it an incredible taste. Have you ever paired Hunter’s Gin with the blackberry flavour? Take it from us – nothing brings out those citrus tones quite like it.


Okay, this is another classic of many – but what is not to love about a Gimlet made with Hunter’s Gin cocktails?

It is sophisticated, great tasting, and uncomplicated, and that’s how we love it. Make this Gimlet with Hunter’s Gin and dab some lime and lemongrass for an additional zest emphasized by our specific gin. We love it and are sure it will go down a treat with you and your guests.


Negroni is a bitter cocktail, but one that is delicious with our brand of Hunter’s Gin. If you haven’t liked Negroni before, we invite you to try it once more with our tasty cheshire gin.

It is strong and sharp with a powerful kick, and it can be amplified by the choice of gin, but when mixed right it is a real treat for the taste buds. Never be afraid to venture back to a great cocktail if the flavour is better with Hunter’s.

If your tastebuds are not tantalized at the prospect of your next cocktail evening with these amazing mixes, we don’t know what will. Place your orders for Hunter’s congleton gin in our online store for your next cocktail evening with us and make it something memorable.