Ready for the Perfect Martini? Here’s the Secrets

the perfect martini

How many places have you dined at that boast to have the perfect martini you’ll ever taste? Chances are you cannot walk 10 feet in a crowded area without some bar or restaurant boasting that they contain the very best you’ll taste this side of the Atlantic.

While they will undoubtedly have fantastic taste, the martini is the simplest and most elegant cocktail you can also perfect at home. The secret comes in avoiding the many things that can go wrong in preparation. Are you ready to create the perfect martini in the confines of your own home?

Chill Before You Spill

If you want to get things off to a flying start, you will have to chill your glasses and mixer in your fridge an hour before your evening cocktail hour begins. Also, be sure to place your Hunter’s Gin Warrington into the freezer for a little while.

These small steps will make your Martini something special on the taste buds. If you were in a bar, they would use either a chilled glass from a fridge or fill it with ice as they mix your cocktail to deliver that crisp sip.

Not many people want to experience warm gin in their Martini, so ensuring the maximum chill before you spill is a great start.

Dry Vermouth

The Evolution of a Martini has seen the ratio of vermouth to gin change from 50/50 to the Dry Martini popular in bars. When out drinking, you would collaborate with the bar staff to get it just how you like it. At home, it is the same.

We recommend using less vermouth if you have doubts, being careful not to dilute your cocktail with melting ice by letting it sit too long in the mixer. The more flavoursome your Hunter’s Gin, the less vermouth you should consider. There is no point in competing in flavours. However much you decide on, remember to keep any vermouth in the fridge so it does not go off quickly.


The garnish is a punctuation point on your cocktail, but we recommend that you stay clear of Pimento stuffed olives unless you prefer that retro look to your Martini. Instead, try the Sicilian type with just 1-3 in the glass.

Lemon twists are great – but they can dominate the flavour of your Martini. There are other options in fresh lemon thyme, rosemary, or sage leaves that work great in a Martini. Finally, let’s talk about your glass of choice. We don’t have any issue with a classic, traditional cocktail glass as long as they have been in the fridge or freezer for an hour before use. Other options could be champagne coupes or other vintage glasses, but it will certainly suit a rounded-stem glass.

For more information regarding Hunter’s Gin and classic ideas for Hunter’s Gin cocktails, check out our online store and place your orders today.