A Pleasurable Way to Cure Hay Fever Season

Gin & Tonics

In the past, we have touched on the healthier lifestyle choices that Hunter’s cheshire gin provides for health and diets, but with the spring season just about to land, many of us will start those familiar itchy noses and watery eyes as hay fever makes its return. While we look forward to the longer days and flowers in bloom with the return of the sun, those scratchy throats and bunged-up feelings are a real downer. However, recent studies have revealed a little guilty pleasure cure when it comes to your hay fever allergies – a few simple Gin & Tonics.

Not like you need a good excuse to indulge in a tipple or two, but as far as they go, it’s a very good one!

A Positive Study for the Gin Lovers

Asthma UK found in a recent study that some alcoholic drinks, such as beer and red wine, can worsen the effects of hay fever due to the histamines and sulfites they contain.

Clear spirits, such as Hunter’s congleton Gin, are proven to help those suffering from itchy eyes and a dripping nose during the season. As the history of gin showcases, it has many health benefits and was even a form of herbal medicine during the Middle Ages when illness was rife throughout the UK.

If you are already enjoying the benefit of a few G&Ts within your diet or health kick, the good news is that it will already be in your system and helping to keep those allergies at bay. If not, it is a good time to start enjoying a daily dose of Hunter’s Gin to build up that immunity.

A Good Time to Indulge

Hay fever sufferers rejoice! There is an option for help that also is a guilty pleasure for your evening. However, we must remember that it is not a green light to down as many drinks as possible on a given day in the name of health and allergy relief.

The same study that highlights gin as a positive against allergies also states that one or two gin and tonics help to reduce the symptoms, so it is simply an effective relief from constant tissue use, not a miracle cure.

Moderation in your gin drinking is the healthy route to take, and a bottle of Hunter’s Gin alongside your allergy relief tablets and box of tissues will aid in making your spring season much more enjoyable.

For more information on our fabulous Hunter’s Stockport gin, check out our online gin store and get your orders in for Spring.