Find Something New This Valentine’s Day

With each Valentine’s Day, the need to find something original and exciting to keep things spiced up and interesting calls to making some changes. Some people may try a new restaurant or activity, and there is plenty of freshness to be had with some new flavour combinations with Hunters Stockport Gin to creat a Valentines cocktail and keep things interesting.

Just because you have a favourite cocktail combination doesn’t mean you shouldn’t sample the delights of something new. With so many tempting combinations, creating a brand-new mix to spice up your love life may be the highlight of your special day.

Trying New Variety

One of the best ways to start experimenting with your gin flavours is to try out exciting new brands and varieties. If you have yet to experience Hunters cheshire gin, you may be yet to experience something that suits both of your tastes this Valentine’s Day.

Maybe your new variety can introduce a sweeter, fruity flavour of cocktail to mix. Alternatively, maybe this year you can opt for something more herbal and botanical for the taste buds. When tasting a new gin, pay attention to the flavour profile to get a better idea of which type of gin is best suited to your particular taste.

Play With Your Combinations

To create exciting flavour combinations, you can either follow some set examples for classic cocktails that have eluded you or get a bit daring by mixing your own chosen ingredients, such as bitters or fruit juices. When choosing to be a professor of your experiments, be sure to taste as you go and make adjustments when needed.

Flavoured syrups are another great addition to your Valentine’s mix, adding a unique flavour to your gin without buying multiple bottles. Syrups come in many different flavours, from savoury to fruity and spicy. Try out some new and different combinations of syrups with your Hunter’s Gin to create some mysterious, unusual, and delicious flavours and keep things interesting for your evening.

Garnish Experiments

Of course, various ingredients can further enhance the flavour of your Hunter’s Gin cocktails. You can add various herbs, fruits or spices – anything from a slice of lemon or lime for a citrus rush, or add some mint leaves for a refreshing taste.

If romance is in the air, why not add some edible flowers like lavender or rose petals to add a beautiful aesthetic to your evening tipples? With Hunter’s Gin, there are plenty of avenues for experimentation in creating a truly unique flavour combination.

If you are looking for a perfect evening, try making a Valentines cocktail. Shop our online store.