New Year, New Diet: Low-Calorie Cocktails That Won’t Take the Fun Away

The New Year celebrations have ended, and all that food you enjoyed over Christmas has left you a little bloated and prepping that fitness kick for the new year – and hopefully, you will stick to the gym membership this time! Let’s all agree on one thing – dieting is not fun. Counting those calories and avoiding your favourite food and drinks is not the most enjoyable part of the process. However, we bring you some good news – you can still enjoy Hunter’s Gin cocktails with these low calorie cocktails!

The Classics

Let’s start with the classic cocktails you may believe you have to miss out on. A Gimlet is a good start at just 178 calories. Take just 75ml of Hunter’s Gin, add 15ml of lime cordial into your ice-filled cocktail shaker, and finish it with a lime wedge or slice. No need to feel guilty – it’s just a pleasure!

Love a Martini? Well, don’t feel like it’s a cheat on your diet. A Martini is only 176 calories when you mix your 15ml of dry vermouth with your Hunter’s Manchester gin. That zesty lemon peel that garnishes the tipple won’t send you over the danger zone either.

Of course, you can still dive into the tasty delights of a gin and tonic at only 148 calories. Mixed with premium tonic water and a lemon twist or lime wedge, your Hunter’s Gin cocktails won’t spoil your diet plans with a tipple or two.

Some Exotic Choices

Let’s talk some fun stuff that won’t ruin your slimming plans. Some more exotic cocktails can dip into your diet without spoiling the party. A Salty Dog, incorporating 45ml of Hunter’s Gin with 85ml of pink grapefruit juice and some salt around the rim is just 191 calories! It’s also a cheeky little treat for those nights in.

An Elderflower Fizz is a tasty little tipple, with just 25ml of Hunter’s Gin, mixed with 25ml of elderflower cordial, 50ml of apple juice, 1/33 of Prosecco, and some cucumber and mint leaves chucked in – at an unbelievable 84 calories!

A favourite of many is a Red Snapper, and – Good News! It won’t ruin your diet plans. A Red Snapper, mixed with 50ml of Hunter’s Gin and 100ml of tomato juice, a dash of hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, some salt and pepper, and some lemon slices comes to a total of 122 calories!

That is all-around good news to make your diet plans much more enjoyable and pleasurable. So why not place your order at Hunter’s Congleton gin so you can enjoy January Low Calorie Cocktails without feeling guilty?