Themed Christmas Parties: A Hunter’s Gin Guide

Themed Christmas Parties: A Hunter’s Gin Guide

Are you seeking some ideas for themes for your Christmas parties? Many organisers for seasonal party celebrations tend not to settle on a theme until a few days before the event, usually because so many people want to weigh in on the plans.

Whether you plan on a swanky soiree or a laid-back gathering, there are plenty of themes for your party that fit with a few bottles of Hunter’s Gin Warrington that will turn your bash into something for the ages.

Here are some party themes for you to consider.

Hollywood Vintage

Any excuse to break out the tuxedos and party dresses for a bit of Hollywood elite roleplay will bring some glamour and glitz and make a red-carpet event of your festivities.

Set the tone with some black, gold and silver decorations and provide those dry white Martinis for a party focusing on a golden cinema age. A few bottles of Hunter’s Gin can help transform your venue into a Casablanca bar while a few pictures and posters of classic movies and Hollywood Golden Age stars set the tone for the class you are keeping.

Christmas Murder Mystery

Tired of the same old Christmas party theme? How about a merry murder mystery party instead?

What goes better with a dose of crime-solving than some cocktail mixing? You will have your guests trying to figure out both the guilty party of the crime and the ingredients in your cocktail servings. Create a mystery cocktail with Hunter’s Gin, using exotic ingredients that spark some intrigue and keep people guessing.

Christmas Fiesta

Just because it is winter doesn’t mean that the sun cannot be brought to your party! Nothing says vibrancy like a Mexican fiesta, bringing bright colours, sombreros and delicious food such as tacos and nachos – and Hunter’s Gin only adds to the spice!

Think Margaritas, tequila sunrises and micheladas – and as a special treat, hook up that pinata with many little party favours. Maybe add a few bottles of Hunter’s Gin Manchester as giveaway presents for some lucky amigos.

Tiki Xmas

Swap those Christmas jumpers for a Hawaiian shirt, pass over the tinsel for a lei and create your tropical festive blowout, with exotic decor and cocktails to match.

Grab your bottles of Hunter’s Gin Warrington and create tantalising Mai Tai cocktails or – for a spooky island treat – a couple of Gin Zombies! Add a variety of garnishes scattered around your indoor island resort and let your guests soak up the sun and the drinks on offer.

Who says your party has to stick to the Christmas spirit? Order your Hunter’s Gin cocktail preparations from our online store today and have a Merry Christmas.