Planning Your Gin-Tastic Christmas!

Before we go all out on recommending what you should buy your friends for Christmas gifts (hint: it should be our Hunter’s Gin – keep them celebrating into the new year – Just a thought!), you will be planning on setting up your celebratory calendar and planning those festive nights in with friends and family. And a Christmas Gin Gift would be perfect!

Gathering your favourite people for fabulous fun, food, and gin cocktails within the comfy confines of Christmas is truly special. But how much gin should you be stocking up with before the last-minute Christmas binge-shopping results in a sell-out?

Let’s look into your plans and find the answer so you don’t run dry.

Who is Expected?

Is your Christmas just a personal affair between you and your partner, or are you expecting a wave of company? If you recently moved in together and this is your first Christmas together in a new home, a couple of bottles of Hunter’s Gin as your Christmas spirit helps make your home feel calm and warm.

If you are inviting your inlaws over to celebrate Christmas with you, a few bottles of Hunter’s Gin will help them feel welcomed and relaxed in your presence (and you can always buy an extra bottle as a thoughtful present for them to take home – especially if they enjoy what they taste at your home). If you are celebrating with friends (or alot of friends!), you may want to get in a few additional bottles so you don’t fall short.

No one likes stepping out mid-celebrations to restock from the nearest store during the evening.

What Are You Serving For Food?

One of the factors of your Christmas celebrations is what you plan for your Christmas dinner. Some people choose a traditional route (Turkey, veg, and \all the puddings you can muster) while others choose a more non-traditional option, throwing in some world foods and platters and mixing things up with herbs and spices.

If it is the traditional spread with all the trimmings, most people would opt for a Bucks Fizz with their meal. However, if you are thinking of something more sophisticated with a wealth of courses, adding a tumbler of Hunter’s Congleton gin to your table ensures that there will be plenty of satisfied people around the table.

Drinks Provided

The Christmas drinks are just as important as the food and the company – and how you serve them. Are you planning a big punch bowl filled with fruity flavour? Maybe it’s the season to make your best eggnog concoction.

However, the evening festivities will have plenty of opportunities to whip up those special martinis that everyone will enjoy – making sure that stock of your favourite Hunter’s Gin is in full supply so that everyone can taste the tipple!

for a Christmas Gin Gift, Stock up on your needs with hunters cheshire gin, and check out our Hunter’s gin company recipes for more seasonal inspiration.