Reinventing the Classics With a Little Gin-fluence

At some point in life, those old board games that we used to play transferred from a kid’s toy to something the adults would break out on nights instead. Could kid’s attention spans now be pulled to tablet time and the Xbox? Possibly so, but we shouldn’t let that spoil our enjoyment – especially when the friends come round for Gin night.

Whilst you may feel that dusting off the old board games for a fun-filled night with friends is great for a chuckle or two, there is something a bit more influential on the fun. Dare we say – Gin-fluencial.

Whilst its not just the board games that have the play-on-words, some classic board games can benefit from a bit of in-Gin-uity.


Possibly the oldest favourite among board games, Monopoly takes nerves of steel on those big money exchanges and hotel buildings. What better way to calm the nerves than with a few tipples of Hunter’s stockport gin added to the proceedings?

There are a few little tactics to add to the ultimate capitalist game. If one of your players goes to jail, they could spend that time becoming the game mixologist by making any drink requested until they are released. If you are suddenly running cheap and buying properties in that Whitechapel Lane area, your status gets dropped to where you have your gin in an egg cup or thimble until you get back to financial security.

Better set your sights on that Park Lane property if you want your share of Hunter’s Gin this evening.

Trivial Pursuit: Gin Edition

Breaking out the Trivial Pursuit box may seem like a challenge ahead, with its insightful yet useless information bound to test just how dim some of us are. How many of us thought knowing who painted The Last Supper would play into such a pivotal moment of competition?

However, if you don’t know who wrote ‘A Modest Proposal’, but you do know that Hunter’s Gin uses apples from the historic Norton Priory Gardens ancient orchard to make its rich taste, toss out the box of toff questions and run a gin and cocktail-themed quiz. Chances are everyone knows a bit about what they are drinking, and with a good bit of research on the history of gin within our blog archives, you can make for some interesting questions.

Pictionary: Raise a Glass Classic

Who would have thought a simple pen and paper and a room full of people shouting out answers would be one of the most loved games in the UK? Of course, getting a bit tipsy will improve or drastically alter your drawing ability. Is that a horse or an aeroplane? We’re not sure.

Here is a little Pictionary hack that makes for an even more interesting and – dare we say, risky evening of fun. Create your deck of names by making them all popular cocktail names for you to draw out. Imagine the fun having to draw Hanky Panky or Sex on the Beach in front of your friends.

Of course, the important thing is to drink responsibly and not let these games get out of hand. The nest friends and family night in could make for an interesting turn with a fun-filled combination of Hunter’s Congleton gin and some dusted-off classic board games.

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