Let’s Garnish Your Gin With Facts

If there is one thing we love more than a delicious Hunter’s Gin, with a perfect Gin Garnish, on a sunny afternoon with friends, it is trivia that gets the conversations flowing. Naturally, the UK’s favourite tipple has its little factoids that can get the flavour of conversation tasting that bit sweeter.

At Hunter’s Gin, a Cheshire gin company, we thought it would be fun to fuel your afternoon banter with some interesting history of your drink of choice. Let us provide you with some of Gin’s journey through time that may surprise you.

17th Century Ori-GINS

If you class gin as a proud invention of the British, you would be wrong. However, that is a common misconception for many people.

Gin originated in Holland during the 17th century, with a cousin that started its beginnings back in the early 1600s. A Dutch spirit known as Jenever was a hot seller in the Netherlands; a juniper-based alcohol amber-like in colour and known as a very potent drink. It became so popular that the Dutch saw potential and began importing it around the world.

Naturally, as was the way of the world, once the drink reached foreign shores it began to be adapted and altered based on preference. Sometimes herbs and spices would be added, others would mix in sugar to make it sweeter. As other countries began experimenting, the English decided that sweet was the way forward. They added juniper to the drink and by the end of the 18th century, it reached unheard-of levels of popularity.

Over time, the drink we know and love as Hunter’s Gin was born and started to sell around the world.

The Origin of the G&T

Whilst the British made the drink now known as Gin the most popular, the most popular mix was not born on our fair aisle. In the 17th and 18th centuries, Britain began to colonise India.

Due to the intense climate of the country, the British would bring Gin along for the ride and mix it with tonic water to deal with the sweltering heat. Suddenly, the perfect concoction was born, and a partnership that is as well-regarded as Morecambe and Wise in our country.

Not Just for Drinking

Due to its potency, many people feel that Gin can only be drank straight up. Gin is perfectly partnered with many foods, cocktails and even sweets.

Manchester gin can be made into syrup, used as a marinade or pickling agent – we have even seen it put into desserts! Have you ever sampled a gin-soaked cake topped with lime icing? Trust us, it is a real treat for the tastebuds.

These are certainly some interesting little trivia notes to get the conversation going one evening. Whether you like it fruity or smooth, Hunters Gin can provide more than just the talking points – it provides a sweet taste to go with the flow. For more information on our Congleton gin, check out our online shop today. All you need is a hunters gin and tonic with your Gin Garnish of choice.