Healthy BeGINnings: The Fabulous Mix of Fitness and Gin

One of the biggest bugbears of giving yourself a health kick start is that you cut down on drinking occasions. However, a little bit of knowledge that may brighten your day – and your socialising – is that gin is lower in calories and carbs when compared with other wines and craft beers. It also has no added sugars when sipped on its own.

It is true; our Manchester gin is super versatile and great mixed with berries and soda water. Whilst drinking gin and tonic may not be a miracle cure for illness, there are health benefits to sticking with gin during your health kick.

Some Nutritional Goodies

Compared to most alcoholic beverages, such as beer and wines, just one serving of Hunter’s Gin is lower in calories and carbs. One shot of gin is around 97 calories, with zero carbohydrates, fibres, protein or sugars.

Gin is infused with juniper berries, considered one of the superfoods high in antioxidants and other helpful properties. Because gins contain these antioxidants, they promote healthy attributes like skin health and protection against chronic diseases like cancer or heart disease.

Juniper berry oil has also been described as having anti-ageing properties, which help to keep those wrinkles out of your skin for longer. That is why juniper berry oils are found in a wide-range of cosmetic products. However, be cautious when indulging in gin and tonics under a hot sun. Lime juice can be a skin irritant, potentially leading to a skin condition called phytophotodermatitis.

Gin and Longer Life?

Gin’s antioxidants do a lot more than care for your skin. Certain studies revealed that juniper berries anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory properties improve longer life through blood flow and toxin removal.

Gin is also popular for being served before a meal in many places worldwide. The reason is that it helps to prepare your digestive system for the food that is about to come. Many will attest that drinking alcohol before a meal does wonders in stimulating one’s appetite. Juniper berries are a great help with the digestion of food, helping to relieve gases and heal ulcers.


If you have diabetes, spirits like gin typically have zero carbohydrates when drunk alone. Gin usually gets mixed with tonic water, also relatively low in carbs at 22 g of sugar per 8-ounce drink.

With this in mind, it is vital that you consider the mixers added to your gin drinks. Opt for mixers with no added sugars or diet mixers that contain sugar substitutes.

Of course, any alcohol needs to be drunk in moderation. However, we are happy to point out the health benefits that Hunter’s Gin has for those serious about their health and diets. Pour yourself a fabulous glass of Hunter’s Gin today from our Cheshire gin company – available in our online store.