Fancy a Nibble?: Perfect Tasty Treats to Accompany Hunter’s Gin

Versatility is a wonderful word when describing our fabulous Hunter’s Gin. As a base for your cocktails of choice, we provide a dance for your taste buds – but are not greedy in taking all of the flavours away from other fantastic experiences – especially when it comes to dining or snacking.

Hunter’s Gin likes to share the experience, and nowhere is that better than with some choice foods that make the evening a true delight for the senses. Whilst giving a lot of joy when straight sipped or mixed into a loving G&T, Hunter’s Gin has some great matches with snacks and meals.

Here is a small guide on what treats can accompany a Hunter’s Gin evening.

Seafood Snacking

If you are hunting for elegant appetisers alongside your gin, smoked salmon blinis are truly tasty treats. Add a dash of cream cheese to the mix, a slice of cucumber and a garnish-worthy lemon squeeze, and you have all the ingredients for a cocktail hour to remember.

Grilled or deep-fried prawns are also an excellent dish to serve with a gin or two. When marinated in ginger, garlic and coriander, these spicy and slightly floral treats give powerful taste when accompanying a tantalising gin.

Tree Foods

They say that the most important things don’t just grow on trees. The perfect partners for a Hunter’s Gin Manchester sure do.

Most nuts can be served with a G&T, with their fatty saltiness balancing the citrus flavours. You can serve hazelnuts, almonds, salted peanuts and Brazil nuts in a small bowl for your group to share. If your group contains someone with an allergy, try using various berries as garnishes instead of nuts.

The sweetness of berries – whether blueberries, blackberries or cranberries – truly balance the sharpness of juniper, and tone down certain pine-style flavours in some gins. Berries are a healthy alternative to go alongside your cocktails – although you could fit a cheeky berry cheesecake for dessert.


Herb-induced cold meats always go great with Hunter’s Gin Warrington, with their rich, salty and earthly flavours mingling with the undertones of citrus our brand provides. Hunter’s Gin also stands strong against extra mature cheeses – such as stilton and manchego – as well as creamier and smoked cheeses. Break out your cheese boards and get everyone enjoying the night’s treats.

Of course, we must mention the great appeal of an Indian takeaway, with spicy foods working brilliantly alongside gins crispness and tonic. As gins utilise many world spices, the greater depth of flavour and aroma with this combination is to die for.

If your stomach is rumbling and your taste buds are seduced by these treatments and drink combinations, check out our latest Hunter’s Gin selections available now in our Hunter’s Gin store. Make your next night a real treat.