Britons Love Gin!!!

It cannot be denied that gin has taken the UK by storm as one of the most popular alcoholic drinks. However, if you think this has been a long climb to claim this moniker, you would be wrong.

A History of Growth

Mother’s Ruin, as it was known, has been incredibly popular since the 1700s on our UK shores. Its popularity was so widespread across the UK that 7000 gin shops operated legally in London alone. That figure does not even count the illegal distilleries littered around the city which would create a much larger number.

Many factors are placing gin as a national favourite with consumers. When you look at gin’s fascinating history, you’ll see the drink links to the history of medicine, alchemy, politics, national identity and the working class, the spice trade, and so much more.

Fast forward to today, better quality tonics have helped push gin to its popular status with the UK public. Various brands of mixers help to create tasty accompaniments for gin, making it even more accessible for those who don’t like traditional tonic water. As well as that, gin now has a far-reaching range of flavours to suit every kind of palette.

Cocktail or Two

Whilst cocktails were once reserved for the upper classes in culture, gin’s culture barrier-smashing popularity has brought all to the cocktail culture, employing incredibly-popular cocktail recipes in bars and at home.

As well as a taste for culture, gin has been a safe choice for those on a health kick due to its low-calorie levels compared to other alcoholic drinks. On average, a shot of gin contains only 72 calories – meaning fitness freaks can still have a little fun with friends on a night out – or night in.

Gin has also been at the forefront of pop culture with many celebrities and people of importance displaying their affection for the drink. None came more famous than Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, known to enjoy a regular G&T once a day.

Today, in bars and at home, there are certain theatrical elements to serving gin with the glassware and garnishes an important part of the gin and tonic experience. You can even buy gift sets that are customised or themed to meet the person you are buying for’s tastes.

Future of Gin

Hunter’s Gin Warrington shows no signs of waning in 2023 as one of the tastiest and most satisfying gins in the Northwest. As the number of distilleries continues to grow across the UK, where the craze will take us next is bound to be another step forward for this popular drink.

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