Gin’s Historical and Famous Fans

Whilst many a party atmosphere will have plenty of people enjoying their drinks of choice, such as tequila or whiskey, gin lovers sometimes are greeted with smirks over their drink of choice. However, a good comeback to the scorn is that gin is a preferred drink for many of history’s most important figures – and a whole heap of Famous gin Fans who prefer gin over anything else.

Historical Figures

There is no one better to start with on our list of historical gin lovers than our dearly departed Queen Elizabeth II. Her majesty loved a gin and Dubonnet cocktail every day before lunch, complete with lots of ice and a lemon slice. Word is she was also partial to a post-lunch dry martini.

Winston Churchill himself, one of many Famous gin Fans, was such a connoisseur of gin that he has a martini named after him. A stern belief that martini’s needed ice-cold gin and a bow in the direction of France was enough to lead the UK through World War II. when you consider other political figures, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Michelle Obama also had a great fondness for gin during their tenures behind their country.


Stockport gin certainly has an artistic flair, with many icons of the silver screen known to sway towards a gin-laced drink as their personal choice.

Acclaimed director Alfred Hitchcock preferred to sample a gin over any other alcoholic beverage. Whether he offered a few drinks to Jante Leigh before the infamous shower scene would certainly make for some interesting trivia. Speaking of Hollywood greats, Ginger Rogers is another famous name that had a love of gin – also transferring over to a cocktail named after her. The Ginger Rogers comprises 30ml of dry gin, with 30ml dry vermouth and 30ml of apricot brandy mixed with a dash of lemon juice.

Frank Sinatra, Madonna and Ryan Reynolds are famous for their love of gin. Certainly a great cast for a gin evening with the stars.

Something To Write Home About

Many writers get through their work with a bottle of choice by their side, and gin can certainly hold credit when it comes to getting writers through their workload.

Ernest Hemingway drank a wide array of cocktails but was known to prefer an ice-cold dy martini whilst writing his most famous works in the hot Cuba climate. Everyone’s favourite wizard-writer J.K. Rowling much prefers a gin and tonic when seen out and about at events – although if that is only because most venues don’t sell butterbeer is a point of contention.

Even the author of the great American novel, F. Scott Fitzgerald, was known to expel his love for gin throughout his work – particularly The Great Gatsby. That surely means that the iconic meme of Leonardo DiCaprio toasting the world is doing so with a tasty Dry london Gin.

Suddenly, those poking fun at your choice of drink now have to consider that Hunter’s Gin is cool for cats. It certainly has very good company.

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