Getting Stocked Up for World Gin Day 2023

Are you prepared to celebrate World Gin Day 2023? As sure as it sounds like a clever marketing ploy, it is a worldwide celebration of our favourite spirit. Saturday, June 10th allows gin lovers to try out some lovingly brewed gins from around the world.

Initially starting as a small London celebration in 2009, World Gin Day grew into a global phenomenon that reached Australia, The US, Brazil, Singapore, South Africa and beyond. With this international celebration in mind, how can you celebrate with friends and your favourite bottles of Hunter’s Gin – a Cheshire gin company – to make it a special day?

Gin-Tasting Party

It would not be a celebration without your closest friends dropping by for drinks. With that in mind, why not celebrate by introducing them to various cocktails mixed with Hunter’s Congleton gin?

Those with a fondness for apples will surely love a Truly Hunters, mixing 50 ml of our specially distilled gin with fresh-pressed apple juice and a dash of elderflower cordial. Adding some ice and topping it with an additional apple slice certainly gets your party started.

Of course, you can transition into our celebrated Mr Hunter and Mr Fitzpatrick cocktail, mixing our fine Hunter’s Gin with Mr Fitzpatrick Rose Hip and Rhubarb cordial. Chuck in a couple of fresh lemon wedges, a dash of soda and garnish with an apple peel so you will get the night off on the right foot.


If you are celebrating an occasion, whether an anniversary or engagement – or even a wedding – you can add a little additional celebration on World Gin Day with our Hunters Cheshire Champagne cocktail.

With just 10 ml of Hunter’s Manchester gin mixed with 10 ml of fresh lemon and only 5 ml of sugar syrup, you add a little sophistication to the event, not forgetting to add a top of chilled Prosecco and a little lemon peel twist. That is worth toasting.

You cannot celebrate World Gin Day without your handy Tom Collins – the gin tipple no one can say no to. It is the simplest cocktail to make and one that everyone loves to sample. 50ml of Hunter’s Gin mixed with soda, fresh lemon juice and sugar, topped with a lemon wedge and a night that your taste buds will thank you for.

World Gin Day 2023 will be  a great way to introduce your friends to new and enticing flavours that Hunter’s Stockport gin opens the doors to. Check out our Hunter’s dry gin cocktails in advance. Shop our gin company to get stocked up for all occasions this June and avoid disappointment.