Achieving the Perfect G&T

the perfect Gin and Tonic

Gin and Tonic are an incredibly natural pairing and roll off the tongue like Surf and Turf, wash and dry and Morecambe and Wise. Two items that fit together like perfect partners and feel bizarre when separated.

However – to work well together – they need to be the perfect mix. You may feel that just pouring equal amounts into a glass is the way to go – but that is not taking pride in the perfect gin and tonic. Before we delve into how to create the perfect gin and tonic, we will admit that it will be different for different people. However, the main principles will apply to all.

Start With Top-Quality

To make the perfect Stockport gin and Tonic, you start with a top-quality gin and an excellent-quality mixer. You don’t want to drown the gin, but utilise plenty of large ice cubes as they melt slower than the small ones. You can always add more mixers later also.

Hunter’s Gin is a truly great gin for your G&T. It is smooth and ideal for your mix and a variety of cocktails. Always worth keeping a few bottles to hand for varying evenings. Use a light premium tonic and have your large ice cubes, a lemon peel (or substitute garnish if you prefer) and a cocktail stirrer next to your balloon glass.

Get Pouring

Pour a double measure of Hunter’s Gin into your balloon glass containing your ice (be sure the glass is not warm or straight out of the dishwasher.) It is important – as stated earlier – not to drown your gin with tonic. You should go bit by bit and take a sample taste until you feel it is the perfect balance for your tastebuds.

Once this level is approved, add the lemon peel or whatever garnish you have chosen (or gone without if you prefer) and stir. Take a sip and, if all has gone according to direction, you have the perfect Gin and tonic! It is that simple!


In case you are wondering why so little tonic, it is because you want to taste the gin in your G&T. Many people make the mistake of thinking they don’t like gin when in reality it is the tonic that puts off the taste. With tonic, you can always add more if the gin is too strong – but you can’t take it out of a drowned drink.

When you drink high-quality Macclesfield gin, such as Hunter’s Gin, the peel from a lemon or lime helps to enhance the gin’s existing citrus without making it overbearing. Most gins have lemon as the main botanical, but there are other flavours of gin such as pepper, orange or vanilla that could be enhanced as well.

Now you know how to present a perfect gin and tonic for yourself or your friends, but be sure to involve them in the mixing so that it matches their taste levels.

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