Impress Friends With Your Gin History Trivia

Gin History Trivia

We all love a bit of trivia. When you mix trivia with a night indoors with friends, it leads to some interesting conversations. When armed with Gin History Trivia, you can simultaneously educate and provide some interesting background on certain items.

If you are having a night indoors with friends and Hunter’s cheshire gin, there are certainly fabulous little drips of trivia around your evening cocktails to boost your evening.

Let’s throw out some fascinating little Gin History Trivia insights to get the Dry london Gin conversations going.

Do You Know of Dutch Courage?

Everyone has heard the term ‘Dutch courage’, but many people fail to realise what the term relates to. Instead of reaching for your phone for Google, you can inform your friends that it all comes down to calming effects.

Back in the Thirty Years War, Dutch soldiers were known as fearless and having nerves of steel. The reason for this was the notion that gin was a disputed depressant. Dutch soldiers would ration portions of gin throughout their ranks before the battle. English soldiers would look on in amazement that their Dutch brothers would be very calm and collected after having their servings and throwing themselves into the battle – seemingly with no fear.

Ever Hear of Navy Strength?

Similar to Dutch courage, you may have been privy to a Navy Strength variety of your favourite gin in the past.

As well as enjoying a good gimlet (invented by a navy doctor and no doubt sampled by everyone on board), the navy had a reputation for using gunpowder in their gin to ensure they were receiving true high quality. They would pour gin into gunpowder with the strength determined by how well it would light. Can you imagine testing out that standard with your friends? We would not recommend it.

The Diet-Friendly Cocktail

Many slimming friends may want to hold off on the gin during a night in to keep within their diet regimes – but they are safe to have a gin and tonic or gin and soda.

A gin and soda are amongst the lowest caloric cocktails, costing you only around 100 calories. A popular gin and tonic are only 120 calories. If they choose to alternate with water, their night of drinks with friends will not affect their diet in the slightest. If they are feeling a bit unwell, you can give some assurance that juniper berries are rife with antioxidants that are effective in fighting infection, aiding digestion and providing relief from bloating.

Who knew that a night of drinking could be so healthy?

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