Tasty Alternatives Over Tonic for Your Gin

Gin and Tonic

Gin and Tonic. G&T – it is like a double-act name that seems a natural fit. However, many people are not aware that other great partnerships fit with Stockport gin.

You may not feel they are a natural mix, but there are alternative partners to gin that you can share with your favourite Hunter’s Gin and open up a whole new world of delicious flavours.

Ginger or Orange

Introducing ginger ale to your Dry london Gin certainly gives it an added spice, especially when you add a bit of lemon juice to the mix. You can also get a fiery ginger wallop by mixing it with ginger beer and lime.

If you like orange, one of the best mixers with gin can be a simple can of Fanta, Orangina (if you can find it) or some San Pellegrino. When either of these tangy favourites is mixed with your favourite Hunter’s Gin, you have a perfect sip fit for the summer throughout the year. It is great with added ice and a dash of citrus garnish on those warm summer evenings in the backyard.

Zesty and Rich

Many people prefer a bitter lemon over a tonic, and the reason is that citrus goes fantastically well with Hunter’s Gin – Cheshire gin company. It is a known fact that tonic is an acquired taste with many gin drinkers, and lemon tends to fall high on the alternative option list. Most homes have a lemon hanging around their fridge that will go to waste, so it serves a great purpose by giving your gin a fresh and zesty taste.

Not many people would think that tomato juice would be a great partner to gin but, as those who love their Bloody Mary know all too well – tomato juice is spicy, delicious and a perfect ingredient for that hair of the dog morning.

Fruity Options

Gin and grapefruit are one of the best tastes that can pass your tastebuds, bringing a tart, semi-bitter citrus blast to your gin. Many choose to top up with a dash of prosecco for a fruity cocktail perfect for those who love a bit of grapefruit.

If you prefer something sweeter, you can mix your gin with cranberry juice for a drink that will truly satisfy even the biggest drink critic. If it tastes too sweet, just drop a dash of lime into it and you’ll discover a truly satisfying taste experience.

There are many alternatives to traditional Gin and Tonic’s, and each one opens a fresh, new dynamic to your favourite gin parties. For more information on Hunter’s manchester gin and our exciting dry gin cocktails, check out our shop!