Gin in the 21st Century

premium gin

Craze’s over certain drinks that come into popular culture always is a cyclical motion, coming back around after generations in some cases. premium gin is the perfect example as it started to become popular again in the 2010s following a waning in popularity in vodka and a need for a new champion to be crowned by the masses.

When that took effect, Congleton gin was the drink that bounced back to a new generation of people.

Mixed in the Limelight

Classic retro cocktails mixed with premium gin in many kinds of unique style glasses suddenly became fashionable again around 2011, and the introduction of the next wave of premium gins began to stake their claim in the market.

Distilled via smaller scale stills, mixed with high-quality ingredients with an added degree of care and attention, the new wave of richer gins made for a more refined palate – coming to a point today where they stand as a cult and craft cocktail ingredient. With more dry gins entering the marketplace, the desire and demand for something exciting and fresh to put into collections saw many new and innovative creations of flavour, allowing the gin market to soar higher.

This gave birth to the era of pink gin, now a popular favourite the world over.

The Bygone Era of Gin

Cocktails mixed with gin had their last major popularity boom in a cycle back in the swinging 60s, finally gaining its high point for the first time since the first world war.

In the 1960s, cocktail recipes started to appear in popular culture, books and movies – with gin becoming the essential drink for parties. Around this time, the party was not swinging unless there was a Dirty Martini, a Manhattan, a Tom Collins or a Gimlet being sipped in the circle of friends.

There was no coincidence that Manchester gin became the drink of what was dubbed the party generation, leaving behind wine, beer and brandy for something much more hip.

The 2000s Reigning Champ

Along with the use of 1800s flavours back into the market, many ultra-premium gins emerged from around the world to assist in the UK boom period for gin sales, with distilleries for gin tripling in just five years.

Today, there are over 360 registered distilleries in the UK and growing. Compare that to the 128 distilleries in the UK just ten years ago and it is simple to see just how popular gin has remained in the 21st century. Today, gin is the drink that brings a party together – much like the last cycle of popularity in the 1960s – and so far it has no signs of being dethroned.

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