Hunters Cheshire Gin is the house gin at FSC Manchester

Hunters Cheshire Gin is the house gin at FSC Manchester. The Fairfield Social Club is definitely not what it sounds like – located in Archway 6, Temperance Street, Manchester, it is a unique venue with a fantastic selection of street food, craft beers from the North West and of course Hunters Cheshire Gin. Their house pouring gin, Hunters offers a unique flavour that helps to enhance the intrigue of the location. There are wood fired pizzas, a house DJ and a varied list of activities including films and special events.

Hunters Cheshire gin company is a high quality, export strength London Dry Gin full of character – We’re so extremely proud of our premium export strength London Dry Gin. Subtle citrus overtones with a spicy fruit edge – fresh yet peppery, using apples from historic Norton Priory Garden’s orchard in the heart of Cheshire.

A single batch distillation from a three hundred year old recipe, crafted from aromatic Balkan juniper berries and coriander, Iberian lemon and sweet orange peel, Florentine orris root, ground nutmeg from the West Indies, musky, nutty angelica from the Marais Poitevin in France, and fragrant Madagascan cinnamon bark. A unique and sublime fusion of the highest quality botanicals & export strength alcohol. The exact recipe for Hunters is a closely-guarded secret.

As alcohol vapour is driven off, flavours and aromas are released into the spirit vapour giving Hunter’s Cheshire Gin its unique flavour. Because of this special distillation method, Hunters is a premium Dry london Gin placed among the top division of world-renowned gins. Cheaper gins are neutral spirits with flavours added. These lack character and can quickly lose their flavour and aroma when mixers are added. All Hunters ingredients are natural, no artificial flavours, oils or essences are used.

It is a Premium Manchester gin based on a 300 year old recipe, distilled at 43.3% that makes for a sublime gin with subtle citrus overtones and a spicy fruit edge. Makining it the perfect base for any dry gin cocktails.